How to Clean Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Condenser

how to clean a sub-zero condenser coil

If your Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator’s condenser is acting up, it may need to be cleaned in order to restore your unit’s operation to optimal performance. When you know how to clean Sub-Zero refrigerator coils, you can effectively keep your appliance working at its best.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to do just that. Follow these steps to ensure that your Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator continues serving you well for years to come.

How to Clean Sub-Zero Condenser Coils

Before you clean your Sub-Zero condenser coils, you will first need to power down your refrigerator. You can do this by accessing the control panel. Before proceeding, we recommend that you wear gloves so that you can safely avoid potential injury.

Remove the Grille

You will need to remove the grille in order to access and clean refrigerator coils. To do this, begin by grabbing ahold of the very bottom portion of the grille. Once you have a firm grasp, you want to pull upward and forward at the same time.

This will bring the bottom of the grille outward toward you, giving you access to your unit’s internal components. You are now ready to clean Sub-Zero refrigerator coils.

To do this, it’s best to use a vacuum cleaner. You will also need an attachment that has a soft-bristle brush. As you vacuum, it’s important to do so in a vertical motion, as this will help you avoid accidentally bending the condenser fins.

It is important to use caution around this component, as the fins are sharp. By wearing gloves, you can ensure that your hands stay protected as you clean the condenser.

When you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your condenser, close the grille. To do this, simply tilt it downward.

Next, go back to your Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator’s control panel and power on the unit. In order to ensure the performance of your fridge, it is advised that you clean its condenser every 6 to 12 months.

However, you may find that you need to clean it more often if you have pets. The added dander and fur can cause your condenser to accumulate debris more frequently, thus requiring more cleaning.

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

To ensure that you Sub-Zero refrigerator continues to operate optimally, there are a few key tips you can employ. In doing so, you can look forward to your unit providing you with years of service.

Aside from cleaning the condenser as directed, it’s important to keep an eye on your refrigerator’s door seals. A loose seal will serve to let cold air escape, thus wasting energy and making your fridge work harder than what’s necessary.

Moreover, you want to ensure that the correct temperature is always set. The optimal temperature range is between 37 and 40°F, while the freezer should be set at 0°F.

Finally, try to keep your refrigerator stocked full at all times. When you do this, it helps the fridge maintain a low temperature without overworking itself.

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