How to Remove Oven Grease From Kitchen Cabinets

remove grease from kitchen cabinets

Grease can accumulate on kitchen cabinets without you noticing until they’re coated in grime, especially the cabinets near your range. How can you remove oven grease from kitchen cabinets without harming the finish? A mixture of baking soda and vegetable oil can remove most stains, while a commercial cleaner works for significant dirt and grime. Learn how to clean greasy wooden kitchen cabinets with simple steps to safely restore their shine.

Remove Oven Grease From Kitchen Cabinets With Baking Soda

Cleaning kitchen cabinets with baking soda and vegetable oil can safely and effectively get the job done. Follow these steps to remove oven grease from kitchen cabinets with these basic household ingredients and simple cleaning tools.

1. Mix Cleaning Solution

To make your own kitchen cabinet grease remover, combine one part vegetable oil with two parts baking soda in a small bowl. Mix until a thick paste is formed. You may need to add more baking soda or vinegar to achieve the desired consistency.

kitchen cabinet grease remover

2. Apply Paste to Cabinets

While the paste is gentle enough to apply with your fingers, you can also use an old toothbrush. Be sure to thickly apply the paste, gently rubbing it into the cabinet surface. While some may fall onto the counter, floor or range below, it should cause no harm and can be easily wiped away.

3. Gently Scrub In Paste

Once applied, use a toothbrush to gently scrub the paste into the cabinet. Pay particular attention to the areas around the knob or handle and any carved borders or corners, as they tend to accumulate grease. You may need extra paste to clean cabinets above stove or around the oven, as these may be dirtier than others. As you scrub in the paste, it’s normal for it to turn brown as it removes the grease. 

4. Wipe Away Excess Paste and Dirt

After the paste is scrubbed into the cabinet surface, wipe away the loosened grime and excess paste with a damp cloth or paper towel. Take care to dry the cabinets thoroughly to prevent warping.

What About Heavy Stains? Remove Oven Grease on Kitchen Cabinets With This Commercial Cleaner

For cabinets that are heavily stained with grease and grime you may need a stronger cleaning solution. A commercial wheel and tire cleaner can remove oven grease on kitchen cabinets without harming the surface or material. Wear gloves to protect your hands when applying this safe, but effective, cleaner with the following steps.

1. Spray Cleaner on Cabinet Surface

Spray the wheel and tire cleaner directly on the cabinet, saturating areas that are particularly grimy. Use your finger or an old toothbrush to rub the cleaner into the surface. Though the cleaner may begin breaking up grease and grime upon contact, allow it to sit for one minute for maximum effectiveness.

2. Scrub Cleaner in Gently

With an old toothbrush, scrub the cleaner into the cabinet surface. The cleaner should turn brown as you scrub and the grease is lifted. For sticky wood kitchen cabinets with heavy stains, you may need to reapply the cleaner to remove all the grease.

3. Use a Plastic Scraper

If the cabinets have accumulated layers of heavy grease, use a plastic scraper to scrape up the cleaner and grime. This can be particularly useful for carved borders and corners that collect pockets of dirt and grease.

4. Wipe With a Damp Cloth

Once the cabinets are free of grease, use a damp cloth or paper towel to remove excess cleaner and dirt. Always dry the cabinets to prevent warping and water stains.

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