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Oven and Range Repair in Bristol, Johnson City, Abingdon, Kingsport, and Surrounding areas

When your gas range burner won’t light, dinner plans may have to go on hold. American Appliance offers a hassle-free range repair experience that will get your range back in good working order. Our certified technicians can fix a wide variety of range and oven problems, including oven won’t turn on, oven doesn’t bake evenly, oven won’t turn off, range burners spark all the time and more. Call American Appliance today for quality oven repair Bristol guaranteed.

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Common Range and Oven Repair Problems

Range and oven repair problems can vary greatly, and there’s no one quick and easy fix. Ovens are elaborate machines that use different heating elements, control boards, and switches, all working simultaneously to ensure the top level of performance. They can also be an investment, so if you need accurate range and oven repair Bristol, give our certified technicians a call. Here are some of the common range and oven repair questions asked by clients on a standard service call:

Oven Won't Turn On

There are several parts that can cause an oven to not turn on. The oven’s heating elements get red hot and work together to heat your oven. If one of these parts are damaged, your oven won’t turn on:

Why is my oven not getting hot?

Oven Doesn't Bake Evenly

An oven that doesn’t bake evenly is more common than you may realize, and we get calls about them all year long. Often a simple fix is all that is needed, but other times it may be necessary to replace:

Why does my oven not bake evenly?

Oven Won't Turn Off

If your oven won’t turn off, it may be triggered by an incoming power issue or a part malfunction. Some of the most common oven parts that cause an oven to not turn off include:

Why won't my oven turn off?

Gas Range Not Lighting

A gas range burner that clicks once or twice before lighting is normal. If your gas range burner won’t light after a few tries, this may be a sign of part failure:

Why is my gas range not lighting?

Hassle-Free Range and Oven Repair Experience

How our service works: To guarantee your satisfaction, we offer flat-rate pricing. Never receive a surprise oven repair bill or unfair overtime charges again. We base our pricing on national averages to ensure you receive the best quality service available.

Step 1: Diagnose

Our highly skilled technician will perform a thorough diagnosis and then provide you with a written repair estimate.

Step 2: Repair

If you decide to complete the repair, our technician can often complete it in a single trip using the inventory on his truck.

Step 3: Warranty

Quality workmanship is guaranteed with a 90-Day Labor warranty. Your satisfaction with our service is our #1 priority.

Range and Oven Brands We Service

American Appliance is Factory-Authorized for range and oven repair by major brands including Whirlpool, Thermador, Viking, LG, Wolf, Frigidaire, Bosch, Electrolux, GE, KitchenAid, and more!

We have exclusive access to manufacturer technical bulletins and repair documents to ensure you receive an accurate repair diagnosis.